4Th & Heart Chocti Chocolate Ghee Spread

Chocolate ghee spread. Your everyday, lactose-free, chocolate spread alternative. Certified Gluten-Free. Certified Paleo. Non GMO: Certified by NSF. For more Non-GMO info: http://nsfnongmo.org/. Chocti comes from the Sanskrit word shakti, meaning change and empowerment. Chocti honors those roots by empowering choice and facilitating change by offering a healthier alternative to ordinary, everyday chocolate spreads. Carefully crafted from cacao, dates, and our Madagascar vanilla bean ghee, it's a delicious, nutritious way to upgrade your pantry and brighten your day. Label glows under backlight! www.fourthandheart.com. For more information visit www.fourthandheart.com. Please reuse or recycle this container.