Bee Harmony Honey, American Raw, Clover

The Beesponsible honey. True source certified. US grade A strained. 100% raw honey. We handcraft our 100% raw honey for the love of bees. We make it the way nature intended, with bees drawing nectar from clover blossoms across American forage lands, tended by trusted beekeepers, using responsible practices that respect the environment. That's why Bee Harmony is The Beesponsible Honey. And when you choose a honey made from the harmony of bees and people, then you've earned the right to be called Beesponsible, too. Let's all Beesponsible. Bees love us. They pollinate our fields, orchards and gardens. They bring sweetness to our lives. But bees are threatened and need our help. Beesponsible is the way we love them back. Pitch in the Join The Beevolution: Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Youtube. Bee cycle. Product of USA.