My Skinny White Basmati Rice

My Skinny™ White Basmati Rice. New! Handy re-sealable pack. Press zip and seal from left to right. Glycemic index, Low G.L. Benefits of brown rice. Slow release carbohydrates. Helps support healthy weight. Naturally gluten free. "The rice that's nice to you! ©". "What's so skinny about My SkinnyRice™" Its no big secret that image is everything, which is why I am very particular about the type of food I put into my body. I love rice, but the negatives usually out weigh the positives in terms of this delicious starch ... But now there is a new look... My SkinnyRice™! The rice that you benefit from I Our rice is grown from the foothills of the Himalayas using one variety of rice that is carefully nurtured by our wonderful farmers. My SkinnyRice™ is a great way to make a beneficial *carbohydrate choice. My SkinnyRice™ provides a way to maintain desired weight. My SkinnyRice™ contains a Low G.! (Glycemic index) score of 52. The Low G.I means that the rice is converted into energy for immediate use or become stored in the body to deliver energy at a later time. This storage allows you to stay fuller longer.... No more snacking between meals! The unique parboiling method that My SkinnyRice™ uses allows the finished product to have a Low G.I level. My SkinnyRice™ is indeed white in color, but it also retains 80% of the nutrients from the husk that you would normally find in brown rice. At My SkinnyRice™ we age our product for a minimum of 2 years in conditions similar to a spa to allow a steady delivery of superior tasting and nutritional rice. My SkinnyRice™ is naturally grown and never genetically modified. So, go ahead! Cook yourself a bowl of My SkinnyRice™, oh yeah ...and have a rice day! Naturally grown. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Rice, a cholesterol free food. Zero trans fat. Great taste. 'New look... to white rice". Cooking methods. For more information and tasty recipes go to All trademarks and copyrights are property of eximp Ltd.