Rit® All-Purpose Concentrated Sunshine Orange Dye 1.125 oz. Box

All-purpose concentrated. Use RIT Fabric Treatment for your special fabric care needs. Package color reflects approximate results when dyeing white or off white 100% cotton using the washing machine technique (RIT Black Dye reflects stove top technique). Use RIT Color Remover to remove original fabric color before dyeing to a lighter or completely different color. One package dyes 1 lb dry weight about 3 yards medium weight fabric to a light or medium color. (Example: pants/jeans or blouse/T shirt or 1 pair curtains.) Use double the quantity of dye for dark or bright colors such as black, navy blue, cocoa brown, purple, scarlet, cardinal red, etc. Add 1 cup salt for best results when dyeing cotton, rayon, linen, ramie or blends of these fibers. Add 1 tablespoon laundry detergent to dyebath. For most washable fabrics. Not recommended for 100% polyester, 100% acrylic or fabrics with special finishes, rubber backing, washable only in cold water or labeled Dry Clean Only. Use RIT Color Remover before dyeing fabric to a lighter or different color. Made in USA.