Miss Vickies Potato Chips, Sea Salt & Vinegar Flavored, Kettle Cooked 1.375 oz

No artificial preservatives or flavors. 200 Calories per pkg. See nutrition information for total fat content. Made with love & care. Every bag of chips began somewhere, but ours began with someone. Miss Vickie wanted better chips for her family, so she made them using ingredients fresh from her family's farm. In her kitchen where work was respected, family was loved, and honesty was a must she spent years getting just the right crunch and flavors to put big, happy smiles on every face in her farmhouse. Today, as more people discover the great taste of our Miss Vickie's c chips, her influence keeps growing. MissVickies.com. Love our chips? Give use a call 1-877-9-Vickie (842543). Want to serve Miss Vickie's? Contact us at MissVickies.com.