Cheez-It Crackers Cheesy Baked Snacks, White Cheddar and Bacon

Make snack time more fun with Cheez-It Snapd White Cheddar and Bacon - the super thin and crispy cheesy baked snacks loaded with big cheese ?avor. With 100% real cheese baked-in and sprinkled on top, Cheez-It Snapd crackers are irresistibly cheesy. The Snapd snacks are delightfully thin with a crispy snap for extra crunch in every bite. Cheez-It Snapd snacks are perfect for celebrating game time, make a great addition to party spreads, cure late-night savory cravings and more - the cheesy flavor options are endless. Pack your Snapd snacks in school lunches or as an extra snack on-the-go. With white cheddar cheese and the irresistible ?avor of delicious bacon, this snack will tempt you with, just one more bite. You'll love the bold crunch and tasty ?avor of real cheese mixed with breakfast bacon flavor in every perfectly-baked bite of Cheez-It Snapd White Cheddar and Bacon Cheesy Baked Snacks.Thin and crispy cheesy baked snacks made with the irresistible ?avor combination of real cheese and delicious bacon flavorTurn up the cheese volume with the satisfying crunch of Cheez-It SnapdMade with 100% real cheese; Kosher dairy, contains wheat, milk and soy ingredientsAn anytime snack that makes a tasty bite at home or on the go; Enjoy while relaxing and watching TV, or add as a crunchy side to your sandwichIncludes 1, 7.5-ounce bag of ready-to-eat cheesy baked snacks; Packaged for freshness and great taste