Duke's Smoked Shorty Sausages Original Recipe

Duke's® Smoked Shorty® Sausages Original Recipe. Freshly crafted smoked meats. Pork raised with no hormones added*. Slow dried with no nitrites added**. Made with a classic blend of spices & freshly-chopped herbs. Gluten free. U.S. Inspected and Passed by Department of Agriculture. Per serving: 7g Protein. 1g Sugar. Net Wt. 5.0 oz. (142 g). Real ingredients taste better. I believe smoked meats should be made with real ingredients. Why When you season and marinate fresh meats with whole, roasted, or diced ingredients from farms-not just dried spices-you get a fresher homemade flavor. It's not the easiest way to do things, or the quickest, but i think you'll agree you can taste the difference. - Justin "Duke" Havlick. This batch was freshly crafted with: Classic spices & herbs: This is the recipe that started it all. We begin with a simple blend of classic spices before adding chopped green Italian parsley and a touch of real roasted garlic to give these Smoked Shorty® Sausages their authentic old world flavor. Fresh-never frozen-pork: We start with fresh, never frozen, pork that has never been given added hormones.* Hickory hardwood smoke: Smoked with 100% pure hickory wood for a deep, traditional smoke flavor. Small batch care: Hand-hung and slow-dried for days in small limited-size batches. No MSG / Liquid smoke. *Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork. **Except for those naturally occurring in sea salt and celery powder. Email: info@dukesmeats.com. Visit: www.dukesmeats.com.