Lance Gluten Free Crackers Original

Wouldn’t it be nice to get the great taste that comes from a Lance cracker, but with the freedom to make your own delicious masterpiece with it? You can, anytime you want. From the maker of gluten-free sandwich crackers comes Lance Gluten-Free Original Baked Crackers! Fans of our famous gluten-free sandwich crackers asked us to make a cracker so they could make their own cracker creations, or simply snack on these gluten-free goodies straight from the box. Done! So, no matter when inspiration strikes to make something you love, or try something entirely new, you can count on them being both delicious and gluten free when you pick up Lance Gluten-Free Original Baked Crackers. A 5-ounce box holds 5 servings of 25 crackers. That’s a whole lot of opportunities for gluten-free snacking on your own or to share. Eat Lance Gluten-Free Original Crackers with meats, spreads, or even more cheese. It’s time to enjoy the freedom to make your own gluten-free masterpieces.