Bobs Red Mill Poppy Seeds, Whole

Poppy seeds are a great source of calcium and contain 6 grams of protein per serving. Sourced Non-GMO pledge. For more information on our sourced Non-GMO pledge, visit An employee-owned company. To your good health. -Bob Moore. You can see our quality. Dear friends, Nowadays, so many of the products you find in grocery stores are processed to the point that they can barely be considered food at all. Sometimes you can't even pronounce half of the things in the ingredients list! At Bob's Red Mill, we don't do it that way. When it comes to grains, beans and seeds, we think nature got it right. In their original state, these wholesome foods provide a magnificent combination of nutrients that are essential to health. We honor this innate perfection by keeping our foods simple, and our poppy seeds are an excellent example of that practice. They are simply seeds from the poppy plant - nothing added or removed. It doesn't get much simpler than that. And we think that's just how it should be. To your good health, Bob Moore. For information and recipes, visit Resealable package.