Pangburns Sugar-Free Millionaire$ Candy Box

Pecans and caramel covered in chocolate candy. The original. Sweetened with Splenda brand. See nutrition facts for fat and saturated fat content. Not a low calorie food. Package contains 11 pieces. Millionaires Aren't Made, They're Eaten!: In 1914, the first Millionaires were hand made by HT Pangburn in the kitchen of his family-owned drugstore in downtown Ft. Worth, Texas. At that time, many people migrated to the city to make their own million in the cattle trade. Some were lucky, some were not. Regardless of their fortune, everyone enjoyed the taste of Millionaires, made with milk and honey, fresh pecans, smothered in caramel and covered in premium milk chocolate. Taste the tradition in each bite. Pangburn's Chocolate Company since 1914. Sugar Alcohol: We use a sugar substitute the US Government refers to as sugar alcohol. This sugar substitute is a slowly metabolized carbohydrate that generally causes only a small rise in blood glucose levels. Proudly made in America. Product of the USA.