Jelly Belly Clear Can

30 flavors. The original gourmet jelly bean. A fat free food. Gluten free. Peanut free. 4 calories per bean. 30 Flavors: blueberry; bubble gum; buttered popcorn; cappuccino; caramel corn; chocolate pudding; coconut; cotton candy; A&W Cream Soda; Dr. Pepper; french vanilla; green apple; juicy pear; lemon (sunkist); lemon lime; licorice; orange sherbet; peach; pina colada; pomegranate; red apple; A&W Root Beer; sizzling cinnamon; strawberry cheesecake; tangerine (sunkist); toasted marshmallow; top banana; tutti-frutti; very cherry; watermelon. Naturally and artificially flavored. Made in a peanut free facility. Call 1-800-Jb-Beans (522-3267) or visit us at: Made in the USA.