M & M Chocolate Candies 6.74 oz

They do exist! Sotry & game inside. Fill Santa's Candy Jar! You've seen the commericial where one certain night red and yellow met Santa - and gave him a fright! They didn't get done what they set out to do but there's someone who can. That someone is you! Red and yellow were there to bring Santa some cheer - give him M&M's candies - like you can do here! Where the dotted line is, just punch out a hole. Tha will open the jar, creating your goal. Turn this box over so the aliegh is upright and keep Santa's coandy jar clear in your sight. Get M&M's candies in there - toss, slide or flick. And make this day merry for good old St. Nick! Partially produced with genetic engineering. Questions or comments? Call 1-800-627-7352. Recyclable.