Vics Popcorn, White, Lite

All natural. Corn popper. 0 g trans fat. Vic's Traditional Quality: Made with premium quality ingredients. A Source of Fiber: Popcorn is excellent for your digestive system. The Healthy Way to Snack: Unlike many snacks, popcorn is good for you and is often recommended by nutritionists. Vic's Unconditional Guarantee: At Vic's we are so proud of our quality products that we guarantee them. If you are not completely satisfied with this or any Vic's product, we want to know about it (retail consumer only). Please send your name, address and any comments along with proof of purchase. If you are not satisfied with the quality of this product, a prompt adjustment of equal value will be made. Why does Vic's Popcorn taste so good? Vic's starts with a premium hybrid popping corn, scientifically developed by Vic's Popcorn experts. This hybrid was selected for its delicate texture and high moisture content which allows it to pop up perfectly every time, yielding tender, tastier kernels. Vic's corn is popped in climate controlled poppers at a precise combination of temperature and pressure so the kernels explode at just the right moment, bursting with flavor. Then the corn is packaged while still warm to capture all the natural taste. Vic's popcorn is pure and simple as it can be: popcorn, oil and salt - nothing else. Vic's cheese popcorn uses real cheddar cheese for a delightfully tangy real cheese experience that makes Vic's cheese popcorn an instant favorite. Vic's caramel popcorn is made from Vic's original caramel recipe, including butter and corn syrup giving Vic's caramel corn that rich, classic, old fashioned caramel flavor - the way caramel corn should be. So the next time you're in the mood for the traditional flavor of popcorn with ready-to-eat convenience, gather'round a bag of Vic's. There's nothing else like it.