Ruffles Potato Chips, Mozzarella 'N Marinara Flavored 8.5 oz

Ruffles have ridges! It's the fourth quarter and your home team is getting hungry. Ruffles mozzarella 'n marinara flavored potato chips are here to help you bring home the win! They're a perfect blend of smooth mozzarella cheese and tangy marinara seasoning that'll never leave you hanging. Grab a bag and get back in the game with this delicious duo of flavor! More ridges. More crunch. More flavor. NBA: Official chip of the NBA. Guarantee fresh until printed date or this snack's on us. Facebook. Twitter. (at)ruffles. Questions or comments? Call 1-800-352-4477. Mon-Fri 9:00am to 4:30pm CT. Email or chat at