Uncle Ray's Potato Chips, Sour Cream & Cheddar 8 oz

Family made quality foods. The life and times of uncle Ray. Chapter 5 - Poor But Blessed: Growing up poor had its blessings. Most families in the Fisher Housing Project on the Southwest side of Detroit were hard working, honest people. I remember love and kindness from many of them. We did not have money for toys or games, so we made our own. We cut strips from automobile inner tubes to make rubber guns. We took apart roller skates and used the wheels to make go-carts and scooters. At Christmas, we could each get a box from the Goodfellows charity. Inside would be an apple, an orange, a box of hard candy, a t-shirt, two pairs of socks and a certificate for a pair of shoes. Bless you, goodfellows! Although we were poor, us kids didn't know it. I believe it was because we were rich with love from mom and dad, from one another and our neighbors as well. The most important thing we will ever need is love and that makes the love the most important thing we can give one another. Love: Seeing the needs of others as quickly as I see my own. Giving freely with no expectation of anything in return. Giving more as I get more. From my family to yours, thank you for choosing Uncle Ray's.