Pepperidge Farm® Classic Cookies Collection 13.250 oz

Every gathering needs a delicious center of attention! That’s where our Pepperidge Farm Classic Cookie Collection comes in. Whether it’s coffee for two or a party of ten, our hand-picked cookie favorites ensure you have every cookie craving covered. Bite into golden Milano with rich chocolate, the swirls and chocolate of Lido, crispy Bordeaux, chocolate-dipped Lisbon, Geneva with rich chocolate and crunchy pecans, delicate Orleans, buttery Chessmen, or crispy Pirouette curl. These Pepperidge Farm cookies are beautifully crafted — just like you — because for Pepperidge Farm, baking is more than a job. It's a real passion. Each day, Pepperidge Farm bakers take the time to make every gourmet treat the best way they know how with carefully selected, quality ingredients. The result is the perfect balance between delicious flavor and decadent texture for a truly indulgent snack.