Town House Oven Baked Crackers, Original 9.2 oz

Experience the 2-in-1 pretzel-cracker crunch that makes snacking moments lots of fun. Oven-baked Town House Pretzel FlipSides Original crackers with pretzel on one side and buttery cracker on the other. Designed to maximize a variety of snacking experiences, these crackers are ideal for holding and stacking cheeses, meats, tuna salad, and other toppings. The tasty possibilities are endless! Made with delicious ingredients and no cholesterol (2g polyunsaturated fat, 1g monounsaturated fat); Now your next snacking experience can always be exciting and different from the last. Enjoy the unique combination of baked-in flavor and satisfying crispness as a rewarding break during your busy day. Make them a part of on-the-go snacks, school snacks, or a quick late-night treat. Serve FlipSides at gatherings to turn up flavor when you're among friends. Either way, Kellogg's Town House Pretzel FlipSides Original crackers offer a delectable, 2-in-1 bite that's one of a kind.