Hershey's Candy Canes, Chocolate Mint 12 Ea

Try a delectable spin on your favorite classic holiday candy canes with HERSHEY'S chocolate mint flavored candy canes. You can't go wrong with a little taste of chocolate and mint! Use these individually wrapped canes as stocking stuffers, hang them from the Christmas tree, include them as a filler in seasonal arrangements and wreaths, put them in gift baskets and attach them to the top of gifts. You can even add crushed HERSHEY'S mint chocolate flavored candy canes to cookies or use them as a topping for holiday desserts. Try a whole mint chocolate flavored candy cane as a stir stick for hot chocolate or eggnog, or crush one into pieces for your next coffee or cocoa break. Your friends, family members and co-workers will love these delightfully sharable treats whether you keep them in a seasonal candy dish, pass them out at your next movie night or pack them into gift bags for your nearest and dearest. No matter how you choose to use your box of striped, festive holiday candy treats, it's sure to be delicious when you celebrate the season with HERSHEY'S chocolate and mint-flavored candy canes.