Whitman's Reserve Milk, Dark And Artisan Chocolates

A premium collection. Since 1842. 175 years of tradition. According to annual tradition, Whitman's Master Chocolatiers challenge themselves each year to create unique, flavorful chocolates worthy of their collective expertise. They then share these fine chocolates exclusively with families and friends. We're now able to share some of these treasures with you. Whitman's Reserve is the finest premium chocolate collection in our storied 150-year history. You'll enjoy uniquely-blended creamy milk chocolate; robust, yet smooth, dark chocolate; flavorful centers - caramel, raspberry cordial, creamy truffle, chocolate mousse, lemon chiffon. Whitman's Reserve, a remarkable collection to be shared with family and friends. Guarantee of Quality and Freshness: We guarantee the quality and freshness of every Whitman's product. If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, please save the unused portion with its packaging and contact us at www.whitmans.com.guarantee. www.whitmans.com. Package contains 12 pieces. Honey caramel, naturally flavored raspberry cordial, chocolate truffle, almond nougat, chocolate mousse, vanilla brulee, caramel, pecans & caramel, lemon chiffon creme. Partially produced with genetic engineering. Candy proudly made in America. Box made in China.