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Claeys Hard Candies, Old Fashioned, Lemon Drops

Naturally flavored from California lemons. Candies since 1919. Fat free. Now you can enjoy that old fashioned 100% naturally lemon flavor in a delicious hard candy. Try some today. Claeys Candies was established in 1919 with a commitment to quality that continues today. Through three generations of candy makers, Claeys has gained a reputation for producing smooth textured, deliciously flavorful old-fashioned hard candies. When you purchase any Claeys product, you'll taste the difference experience makes. Quality Freshness Guarantee: Thank you for purchasing Claeys delicious Old Fashion Sugared Hard Candies. The candy left our factory Fresh and in excellent condition. Approx. 17 calories per piece. Visit us at www.claeyscandy.com.