Twizzlers Filled Twists, Low Fat, Sweet Cherry Kick & Sour Citrus Punch 11 oz

Add a little more sweet and sour pizazz to your everyday snack routine with TWIZZLERS Filled Twists Sweet and Sour chewy candy. Grab a few of these fruit flavored TWIZZLERS candies during your lunch break or share a few with your friends at a picnic. Better yet, keep a supply of TWIZZLERS Filled Twists for a family-fun movie marathon or for after dinner as a dessert. Grab all your favorite foods, including these fun candy pieces gushing with yummy cherry and citrus flavors. If you're ready for even more pizazz, use these fruit-filled candies as ice cream sundae toppers or place them on top of your best baked goods, such as cakes, pies and fudge creations, for a burst of flavor. TWIZZLERS Filled Twists low fat candies are the perfect treats to share and grab on-the-go when you're on the move! Looking for an even greater adventure? For a unique twist, melt several white creme or milk chocolate bars, dip your TWIZZLERS Filled Twists candies in the melted gooiness, then cover each piece in sprinkles and let the new treats cool! They even make scrumptious holiday treats as Christmas stocking stuffers, Halloween trick-or-treat candy, Easter egg and basket fillers and Valentine's Day presents.