Natures Truth Aromatherapy Holistic Starter Pack, Essential Oil , Diffuser, Lavender Oil

Includes 15 ml bottle of lavender oil 100% pure. Up to 9 hour run-time. Enclosed: How to use guide. Rejuvenating. Balancing. Comforting. 100% pure plant based. Quality assured. Paraben free. Gluten free. This hardy evergreen shrub grows about four feet tall in warm areas such as Spain and France. This familiar plant yields blue-grey flowers that grow upwards from woody branches. It's these flowers that contain lavender's treasured well known, beneficial properties. It has even been used as a useful, natural aid in keeping pesky bugs at bay! Pure and clean, this versatile herb has been widely used since the Babylonian era and is a staple in aromatherapy. Includes: 1 Essential Oil Diffuser, 1 15 ml bottle of Lavender Oil, 1 How To Use guide, 1 measuring cup, 1 instruction manual, 1 plug. 3 Mist Settings: Low, medium, high. 7 color modes. Mist Settings (Approximate Run Time); High (4 Hours); Medium (6 Hours); Low (9 Hours). For more information, visit: How to Use Oils: Diffuser: Simply open the bottle and inhale Lavender Oil's sweet aroma, or add 5 drops to any oil diffuser or burner to fill a room with its nostalgic scent. Massage Oil: Create a unique massage oil by combining 5 drops of Lavender Oil with 10 ml of any Nature's Truth base oil. Apply to areas of concern and gently massage until absorbed. Topical Use: Create your own skin oil by combining 5 drops of Lavender Oil with 10 ml of any Nature's Truth base oil. Apply a desired amount to the skin until absorbed. Bath/Shower: Add 5-10 drops of Lavender Oil to hot bat or shower steam water and immerse yourself for a long, aromatherapeutic soak. Home & Office: Use Lavender Oil to naturally eliminate odors, in all-natural household cleaner recipes, to add a fresh scent to laundry, or even add to vacuum filters to spread the aroma as you clean. Do-It-Yourself Projects: Lavender Oil can be used in most DIY projects, including candle making, soap making, in lotions, creams, shampoos and more. Your healthy lifestyle begins here. An ancient and revered practice, aromatherapy has been & continues to be used by cultures around the world for its physical & spiritual benefits. Utilizing the aromas of essential oils, aromatherapy taps into the relationship between our sense of smell and emotions, offering unique and trusted well known benefits depending on the oils use. Each essential oil has its own unique aroma, expertly distilled using time-tested processes. By simply inhaling the deep, nourishing scents of essential oils, you may find your mind's motivation or even your spirit's rejuvenation. At Nature's Truth, we've applied our tried-and-true extract methods to create our collection of top-quality essential oils & base oils. Every Nature's Truth oil is derived from 100% pure plant sources such as flowers, leaves and roots. Beginning your aromatherapy routine means taking the step towards bettering your healthy lifestyle - and getting started is simple! Mind, body & spirit.