Noka Smoothie, Organic, Mango/Coconut

Camu camu/banana/apple/lemon with brown rice protein & flax seed. Superfood blend. Non GMO Project verified. USDA organic. No refrigeration necessary. Organic/non-GMO. Vegan/gluten-free/BPA-free. Balanced nutrition and naturally delicious flavor from organic whole fruits and vegetables packaged to be refreshing anytime and anywhere you want it. For more visit Follow (at) Meet the Super Camu Camu: Native to the Amazon Rainforest, this red, cherry-like superfruit is rich in vitamin C and contains beta-carotene, potassium and amino acids. 0 grams of added sugar. 600 milligrams of omega-3. 4 grams of protein. Less natural sugar than 1 apple. Certified organic by Washington State Dept of Agriculture.