Stayfree Maxi Pads Deodorant - 24 CT

Stayfree® Maxi Deodorant Pads. Keeps you dry for up to 8 hours. Dry, cool & comfortable. Thermo Control®. Thermocontrol® technology. Inspired by high performance athletic fabrics. Quickly pulls moisture away from your body & allows air circulation. Keeps you dry for up to 8 hours. 8 hrs. Absorb in seconds. Anti-leak channels. Help block leak front to back and side to side. Only from Stayfree®. Worry free. Leak Protection®. Ultra thin: Light – regular – super-long – overnight. Regular – super – overnight – maximum protection. Maxi. Deodorant. Questions US/Canada 888-782-9373. Stayfree and all other trademarks are owned by Energizer. ©2014 Playtex Products, LLC.