Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Hair Repair™ with Liquid Keratin Ultimate Repair Conditioner 13.6 fl. oz. Bottle

For heavily damaged hair. New. With liquid keratin. 3x liquid keratin. Combable hair & extreme damage repair. What Heavily Damaged Hair Needs: Heavily damaged hair loses Keratin resulting in a severely weakened hair structure. It requires extreme repair to recover. Gliss Ultimate Repair: 1. Improved combability. 2. Deep reconstruction. 3. Improved shine & up to 90% (vs untreated) stronger hair. The Repair Solution with 3x Liquid Keratin (compared to other Gliss Hair Repair lines): This high-performance formula with 3x Liquid Keratin (Compared to other Gliss Hair Repair lines) precisely repairs damaged hair and replaces lost Keratin leaving your hair ultimately restored and combable. Keratin-Reconstruction: Liquid Keratin reconstructs your hair and renews it by repairing damaged areas deep inside the hair and on its surface. Made in Germany.