Clairol Root Touch-Up, Permanent, Matches Medium Blonde Shades 8

Restores root's color in just 10 minutes. Seamlessly blends with leading shades, even salon color (Among leading retail permanent shades and pre-formulated salon color), guaranteed (Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Call 1-800-Clairol within 60 days of purchase with UPC and dated cash receipt. Limit one offer per household). 100% gray coverage. Same great shade! Extends the life of your color in between salon visits or at home coloring. Cover roots with a long lasting, quick touch up. Banish your root line with permanent color in just 10 minutes. Root Touch-Up is specifically designed to target new roots and grays. Sweat-proof, touch-proof, rain-proof root coverage that lasts. Your color meets its match. Our unique Colormatch Creme formula contains a blend of tones to flawlessly blend new roots with your current color. Works with leading permanent shades, even salon color (Among leading retail permanent shades and pre-formulated salon color). Root color that blends seamlessly. Matches leading Medium Blonde shades (Among leading retail permanent shades and pre-formulated salon color) including: Preference: 8 Medium Blonde; 7 LA Lightest Auburn; 9GR Light Reddish Blonde. Excellence: 8 Medium Beige Blonde; 8BB Medium Beige Blonde; 8RB Medium Reddish Blonde. Nutrisse: 80 Medium Natural Blonde; 83 Medium Golden Blonde. Nice 'N Easy: 8 Medium Blonde. Clairol Age Defy: 8 Medium Blonde. What's Inside: Permanent color creme (1); Color activating lotion (2); Brush and bowl. Don't live a single day with gray! Combine with temporary Clairol Root Touch-Up Concealing Powder for a quick, temporary touch up on the go. Visit our website or find us on YouTube for hair color tips & advice. For more guidance on shade matching go to Questions? Call the expert color consultant at 1-800-Clairol (252-4765) or visit our website at Made in Mexico.