Excellence Permanent Color, Cooler, Beige Blonde 7-1/2BB

Level 3 Permanent. Triple protection color creme. Soft beige tones designed to soften features. Protects even the most fragile hair. 100% long lasting gray coverage. Non-drip. Nothing protects better, nothing covers gray better, time after time (compared to each leading competitor's top selling brand). Before: Protective Pre-Color Serum treats fragile areas of the hair, particularly dry ends. To be used before you color. Your hair is protected, prepared to be colored evenly. During: Excellence's extra-protective color cream gives your hair rich, radiant, even color that covers resistant grays perfectly. Nothing covers gray better (Compared to each leading competitor's top selling brand). Non-drip cream wraps every strand. After: Multi-Dose After-Color Conditioner deep-treats your hair after and in-between coloring. Protects your hair until the next coloring. Result: 100% perfect gray coverage. Rich, deep, perfectly even color. Even fragile hair is perfectly protected for weeks. You've chosen a shade in the soft beige tones collection. These shades contain soft, cool tones designed to flatter maturing skin. This Kit Contains: protective color creme; protective creme developer; protective ceramide-protein conditioner; insert; salon gloves; exclusive applicator comb; protective pre-color serum. Color Results Guide: This shade chart suggests the color results you will get with 7-1/2BB. Your color results will vary depending on your natural hair color. Your color results will vary depending on your natural hair color. Special Advice: More than 50% Gray Hair: Your results will be slightly lighter-looking than in the color results guide above. Red Hair: Your color results will be softer red. Dark Brown to Black Hair: This shade is not recommended. This shade has a cooler tone that will minimize red/orange tones.