Handy Solutions Toothbrush 1 ea

15239. DuPont Tynex bristles. Full head size for adult mouth. Rippled bristles provide effective plaque removal even between teeth. Tapered brush head with rounded corners fits comfortably in mouth Tongue Scraper helps to reduce more bad breath bacteria. Polished end-rounded bristles made from dentists' preferred DuPont Tynex nylon for safe & effective cleaning of both tooth surfaces & gums. Soft rubber area for better grip. Angled neck for easy access to back teeth. Anti-slipping rubberized handle for excellent control and comfort. The Handy Solutions Guarantee: If dissatisfied with this product, return it with an explanation. We'll replace it free and refund your postage. Or call 1-800-525-5097, weekdays, 9am to 4 pm MST weekdays. Made in China.