Natural Care Ring Stop - 60 Capsules

Fight ringing in the ears. Homeopathic. Homeopathic product and educational guide. Free online guide to healthy hearing. Homeopathic Ingredients: Calcarea Carbonica HPUS; Possible Symptoms Addressed: Humming, Buzzing, Tingling or Rumbling; Cracking in the Ears When Chewing. Chinimum Sulphuricum HPUS; Possible Symptoms Addressed: Buzzing and Roaring in Ears; Dizziness. Cimicifuga Racemose HPUS; Possible Symptoms Addressed: Ringing Like Sound in One or Both Ears. Coffea Cruda HPUS; Possible Symptoms Addressed: Excessive Sensibility of Hearing; Buzzing in Ears. Graphites HPUS; Possible Symptoms Addressed: Ongoing or Intermittent Noise that Only You Hear with Varying Volume. Kali Carbonicum HPUS; Possible Symptoms Addressed: Noises in the Ear, Cracking, Ringing and Roaring. Lycopodium HPUS; Possible Symptoms Addressed: Humming and Roaring Sometimes; Some Hardness of Hearing. A Maddening Noise: Imagine hearing a ringing noise in your ears or head that sometimes doesn't go away. This maddening type of noise, experienced by many people, can range in volume from a ringing to a roar. Some people hear buzzing, hissing, roaring, whistling, chirping or clicking instead of ringing. Ear noise may vary for each person. It can be intermittent or constant, with single or multiple tones, and its perceived volume can range from subtle to shattering. 50 Million People: Most people will experience some type of incessant ear noise during their lifetime. In America alone, as many as 50 million people say their ears ring. About 12 million have severe ear issues which cause them to seek medical attention. Ear issues like those described previously can, in fact, interfere with concentration, work, sleep, relaxation, normal communication with others, and can lead to psychological distress. Ear canal. Auditory nerve. Ear drum. Ossicles. Cochlea.