Hot or Cold Hot or Cold Comfort Pack with Multiple Applications

Large size: 6 inch x 10 inch pack with a full 18 ozs of material. Helps prevent stiffness. Soothing comfort for muscle pain. Reduces pain & swelling. Long-lasting comfort. Flexible when frozen. Molds perfectly to affected area. Athletic injuries and first aid. Have your ice and heat it too! One pack for both hot or cold application. Larger pack for greater coverage & longer temperature retention. Soothing, long-lasting comfort. Non-toxic, economical, reusable. Hot Pack: A comforting heat pack for sore muscles and joints, stiffness, tension, cramps or as a bed warmer. Keeps you warm in cold weather. Apply heat 48 hours after an injury has occurred. Cold Pack: For safe, convenient cold application to help reduce swelling and relieve pain. Use on sprains, strains, bumps, bruises, bites toothaches, headaches. Remains pliable even when frozen. Will last for years with normal care. Keeps you cool on hot days. Cold pack should be used during the first 48 hours of an injury.