Ayr Saline Nasal Rinse Kit

Helps you breathe better. Soothing sinus wash. Can be mixed as either a hypertonic or an isotonic solution. Useful for: Nasal irritation from dust, animal dander, pollen; Nasal allergies; Nasal dryness; Postnasal drip; Congestion; Post surgical. Soothing treatment for sinus & allergy symptoms. 50 Saline nasal rinse mixture packets and 1 applicator bottle. Ayr Saline Nasal Rinse Kit helps relieve symptoms of: Nasal congestion and dryness; Allergenic nasal irritation from dirt, dust and pollen; Postnasal drip/sore throat. Contains: Easy-to-use, reusable applicator bottle; 50 One-time-use, saline nasal rinse mixture packets; Complete instructions for use. Features: Physician approved; Top-rack dishwasher safe; Convenient reclosable cap; No burning or stinging; Preservative & iodine free; Buffered to neutral pH; Safe for use during pregnancy. Developed with a physician recommendation. Buffered to eliminate burning or stinging.