Mrs Meyers Clean Day Hand Lotion, Rain Water Scent

Aromatherapeautic body care. Aromatherapeautic household products. Helping you clean up, refresh and treat yourself nice. Skin care with bright, fresh scent from the garden. Drops of rain water fall on leaves and noses and fill the air. A scent so clean, hinting of white flowers. Splash in a puddle! Made with shea butter & almond oil (learn about these and other ingredients at We effective, trusted formulas. Made with (learn about these and other ingredients at Plant-derived; moisturizing ingredients; essential oils; shea butter & almond oil; glycerin. Made without: Phthalates; parabens; artificial colors. Household Hint: The best tip we have for hand lotion is simply this - use it! Hands spend so much of the day hard at work: typing, driving, cooking, leading little ones across the street. Give them the break they deserve with moisturizing formula. Bottle (less pump) made with at least 30% post-consumer plastic. Cruelty free.