Natures Truth Soothing Rub, Lavender Eucalyptus

Petroleum free. Gluten free. Paraben free. Aromatherapy. Invigorating. Made with pure essential oil blend. Mess free rub. The calming scent of lavender combined with the cool scent of eucalyptus and menthol helps for a refreshing experience. Simply breathe deep and let these revitalizing aromas soothe your senses. Made with pure plant based essential oils and specially formulated with beeswax for a smooth application, our soothing rub contains no unwanted additives such as artificial fragrances, petroleum, and dyes. Your healthy lifestyle begins here - Always on the go? Our aromatherapy soothing rub now makes it easier than ever to just take a second to breathe deep and soothe your senses. Specially formulated to be mess free, this convenient stick is easy to use and makes the perfect travel companion for those that are on the move. Bring it wherever you go and always have aromatherapy when you want it most! Made with pure essential oils. Cooling. Refreshing. Soothing. Quality assured. Quality evaluated and packaged in the USA.