Dr Scholls For Her Insoles, High Heel, Women's Sizes 6-10

Helps prevent foot aches & pains guaranteed! Fits comfortably in heels 2 inch and up. Allows you to wear heels longer. Shifts pressure off ball of foot. Change the way it feels to be in heels! All day comfort in your high heels 2 inches and up - guaranteed! Helps prevent and reduce foot pain. Ultra-soft gel arch shifts pressure off the ball of your foot. Massaging gel waves provide added cushioning. Hidden comfort that fits in fashionable shoes. Practically invisible under foot, even in strappy heels. Slim design won't make shoes feel tight. Stays in place. Removable without damage to shoes. Fits comfortably in all your high heel shoes 2 inches and up: Pumps; slingbacks; sandals; boots. Made in China.