Dr Scholls Insoles, Fitness Walking, Size 6-10, Women's

Athletic series. Reduces stress and strain on your lower body while you walk. ActivePerform Technology + Arch & heel support. New! Insoles reduce stress and strain on your lower body. ActivPerform-Technology reduces shock by 30% and protects your feet, joints, and lower back against stress and strain while you walk. Insole is constructed to provide heel & arch support and o flexible toe bed to protect each port of your foot through the full range of your stride. Stimulating nodes for added responsiveness with comfort while walking. Provides superior cushioning and helps reduce muscle fatigue in your feet and legs so you can walk longer with greater comfort. Slim design fits in and enhances a variety of walking shoes and sneakers. Remember: Your shoes' current insoles are probably removable - take them out first! Trim to fit. Want to know more? visit drscholls.com. Dr.Scholls Guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, retain product, packaging and original sales receipt and visit drscholls.com/MBG for information on our 90-day money-back guarantee. Questions? 1-866-360-3226. Made in China.