Repair-It Zinc Free Denture Repair Kit - 3 CT

Repair-It® Zinc Free Denture Repair Kit. D.O.C® - Dentist on call®. Advanced formula. From the makers of Dentemp®. Repair broken dentures. Fix breaks. Mend cracks. Replace loose teeth. Contains 3 repairs - Liquid: 0.10 fl. oz. / Powder: Net Wt. 0.11 oz. For loose caps or lost fillings use Dentemp®, Recapit® or Refilit®. Denture teeth in minutes. Safe & easy to use, any place. Kit includes everything necessary for 3 emergency repairs. Loose fitting denture Ask for Reline-It. Questions 800-238-0220 / © 2016 Majestic Drug Co., Inc.