DenTek Floss Picks, Advanced Clean, Mouthwash Blast, Triple Clean 90 ea

New look! Composed of 200+ individual cleaning strands. Our thinnest, strongest floss works on tight teeth. Includes a micro-textured pick to scrape away stubborn bits. Technically Advanced Solutions from Dentek: This floss pick is composed of 200+ individual scrubbing strands of floss so it scrubs with extra nooks and ridges. It also includes a tongue scraper to help remove the bacteria that causes bad breath and a micro-textured pick for a more thorough clean. And our thinnest, strongest floss gets into even the tightest spaces. And in addition to a great clean, you’re getting an advanced pick that includes the following features. A floss no-break guarantee (No break guaranteed. We guarantee the floss on advanced clean floss picks will not break normal use or your money back. Proof of purchase required. Visit for details). Mouthwash blast flavored floss. Flouride infused floss strands.