Biotene Dry Mouth Fresh Mint Oral Rinse 16 oz

No.1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand. Soothing moisturization. Immediate symptom relief. Long lasting. Freshens. Breath. Alcohol-free. An Oral Rinse with a soothing gentle feel that helps clean, refresh, and relieve dryness and helps soothe oral tissues. Biotene contains a combination of moisturizers and lubricants to provide immediate and long-lasting dry mouth symptom relief for up to 4 hours (as measured in a 28 day clinical study). Biotene products are specially formulated for individuals who experience dry mouth symptoms. Questions or Comments? 1-800-922-5856. Also look for other Biotene products including Biotene Toothpaste, Biotene oralbalance Gel, Biotene Mouth Spray. Made in Canada.