Colgate Enamel Health Toothpaste, Anticavity Fluoride, Whitening, Clean Mint, Paste

Misc: New. Replenish and polish. Enamel erosion. Whitens. Cavities. Breath. When your hygienist polishes your teeth, it also helps smooth your enamel to help prevent germ build up. Touch & Feel: Acid-softened enamel is rough. Healthy enamel is smooth. Colgate Enamel Health helps smooth your enamel in two ways: 1. Fluoride formula helps replenish natural calcium and other minerals back into weakened enamel, filling in rough spots and making it stronger. 2. Gently polishes the enamel surface with gentle micro-polishing action, so germs are less likely to stick. Calcium. Stronger: Contains active fluoride to help replenish natural calcium back into weakened enamel to strengthen teeth. Smoother: Polishes roughened enamel with gentle micro-polishing action so germs are less likely to stick. Healthy enamel. Made in USA.