RevitaLens OcuTec Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution Formulated for Soft Contact Lenses - 2 CT

RevitaLens OcuTec® Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution Formulated For Soft Contact Lenses. 16+ hours. End of day comfort. Cleans. Rinses. Disinfects. Stores. Removes protein. Conditions. Trial & travel size. Meets air travel carry-on requirements. Two 2 fl oz (60mL) bottles. Sterile solution. RevitaLens OcuTec® multi-purpose disinfecting solution delivers comfort and disinfection for soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses. OcuTec® activity: The OcuTec® activity delivers effective cleaning and robust dual-disinfection and removes protein and other deposits that commonly accumulate during lens wear - a clean lens is a comfortable lens. RevitaLens OcuTec® MPDS with its advanced technology: Delivers brilliantly clean and clear contact lenses. Conditions the lenses and increases end of day comfort. Provides safe storage up to 30 days. Ask your eye care professional what makes RevitaLens OcuTec® MPDS a great choice for effective disinfection and comfort, or visit us at See your eye care professional annually. RevitaLens OcuTec and OcuTec are trademarks owned by or licensed to Abbott Laboratories, its subsidiaries or affiliates. Tetronic is a trademark of BASF Corporation. Questions or comments Please call us at 1-800-347-5005. ©2015 Abbott Medical Optics Inc.