Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Therapy Lotion, Proteins & Lipids, Strength & Resilience

Proteins & lipids. 7 plumping moisturizers. For aging and mature skin. 84% saw a visible improvement in skin texture in just 5 days. Clinically tested. Fragrance free. As you age, vital lipids and proteins in the skin are naturally depleted so that after age 50, skin's composition is different than at age 20 The epidermis is thinner, and skin's ability to retain moisture and elasticity declines, changing skin's texture. Strength & Resilience is uniquely formulated with a blend of vital nutrients to help replenish moisture that has naturally been lost from skin through the aging process, helping skin to look stronger, feel more resilient, and improve the overall appearance of aging skin including: Stress Response Proteins from the Resurrection Plant to lock in moisture Advanced Hydration Blend to draw moisture into skin cells, helping improve skin texture Skin Firming Complex to help enhance the skin's protective layer. 92% had improvement in moisture retention in just 1 day. Lightweight. Non-greasy. 24 hour moisture. Exclusive formula. The makers of Gold Bond do not manufacture private label brands.