True Zoo Sneaky Flask Fake Lotion Bottle

True Zoo® Sneaky Flask Fake Lotion Bottle. "Pure & natural". Peppermint - like. Thirst. 100% rejuvenating, therapeutic, sneaky, fake. Funnel included. For easy filling. Stealth humor. 150 ml 5.07 fl oz. This flask is awesome. But it's not intended for illegal use! Take a swing. Tired of getting your booze confiscated Does your flask look too much like... a flask With our thirst "lotion bottle", you can take a swig at sporting events, cruises, concerts, weddings, and more without even a second glance. Pass it around your circle of friends so you can all keep your "skin" hydrated. There's nothing to see here folks. Nothing at all. Locally designed. Cruelty free. Designed in Seattle by True Zoo®. Product & packaging. ©2016 True Brands™.