Ultra Lift Ultra-Lift, 2-In-1 Wrinkle Reducer, Serum + Moisturizer

For wrinkles + firming. Boosts wrinkle results in just 1 step. Serum penetrates skin's upper layers. Moisturizer intensely hydrates. 2x Pro-Retinol from Nature (vs other Garnier products with Pro-Retinol from Nature). Problem: Over time, cellular renewal slows and skin loses its ability to retain moisture, causing wrinkles and loss of firmness. Serums are known to provide concentrated anti-aging power. Using a serum and a moisturizer together can be time-consuming and expensive. Solution: Ultra-Lift introduces a 2-in-1 innovation to deliver powerful anti-wrinkle results in just one easy step. With 2x Pro-Retinol from Nature (vs other Garnier products with Pro-Retinol from Nature), Ultra-Lift 2-in-1 Wrinkle Reducer combines a precise dose of both a concentrated serum and a daily moisturizer to boost anti-wrinkle and firming action. This swirl suspension technology means no more compromises - the results of a serum and a moisturizer in just one step! Results: Instantly: Skin feels smoother and looks more youthful. In 10 days: Skin feels tighter, smoother, firmer and transformed. With continued use: Wrinkles are noticeably smoothed and skin retains hydration and firmness. 2-in-1 Innovation: Swirl suspension technology: For the first time, Garnier combines a serum + moisturizer with 2x the Pro-Retinol from Nature (vs other Garnier products with Pro-Retinol from Nature), delivering concentrated wrinkle power. Upon application, this fast-absorbing serum + moisturizer deeply penetrates skin's surface layers and delivers results fast. Skin feels instantly smoother and hydrated. In just 10 days, women using the 2-in-1 Wrinkle Reducer saw a significant improvement in wrinkles and firmness. Some retinols can be harsh on skin, but Pro-Retinol from Nature boosts natural cell renewal while actually protecting skin's surface moisture barriers, to help prevent dryness (in-vitro). Developed through the process of green chemistry, Pro-Retinol from Nature is a blend of a naturally derived Omega from safflower with Pro-Retinol. Formulation Facts: Dermatologist tested for safety. Non comedogenic - won't clog pores. Gentle to skin. Non-greasy. By using a FSC-certified paperboard for this package, Garnier supports forest management that respects people and nature. Help TerraCycle and Garnier keep beauty products out of landfills! Join a Beauty Brigade at garnierUSA.com/green to create a greener future. garnierusa.com. Made in USA.