Australian Gold Lotion. Instant Sunless

Develops rich bronze color. Achieve the exquisite color you crave with this luxurious sunless lotion that offers the perfect balance of bronzing ingredients and hydrating skincare for a natural golden, bronze glow. Deep darkening color blend provides an immediate sun-kissed glow while an intense level of DHA and DermaDark bronzers allow for delayed, more developed color. Hydrating FadeDefy technology blends with skin softeners to nourish and condition, helping that bronze hue last days longer. Show off that gorgeous color with confidence as caffeine works to tone and tighten skin for streak-free perfection! Deep Darkening Color Blend: Increased DHA with erythrulose is blended with black walnut, caramel and DermaDark Bronzers to build a perfect, natural bronze hue. FadeDefy Technology: Kakadu Plum, rich in vitamin C, and shea butter help moisturize, protect and repair skin for longer lasting, rich color. Skin Softeners: Blend of maka extract, vitamin B and oils work to provide exceptional hydration for an even, soft tanning canvas. Caffeine: Energizes and helps firm the skin for an overall improved appearance and textures. Find your daily get away with this tropical breeze fragrance.