Nature's Answer Kava 6 Extract - Alcohol Free - 1 oz

Herbal Supplement. Advanced botanical fingerprint technology. Supplying 6 active Kava constituents. Standardized for kavalactones. Exclusively from Kava Root. Holistically balanced. Kavalactones Per Serving: 50 mg. Discover Kava's critical 6 (Kavalactones: The active ingredients naturally present in authenticated Kava root.) and trust the difference. Alcohol-free extract. The genius of mother nature in every bottle - just as she intended. The true value of a plant lies deep within its natural holistic balance. - Frank D'Amelio, Sr. Founder, Nature's Answer. With one of the most comprehensive herbariums in the world, Nature's Answer has identified Mother Nature's Advanced Botanical Fingerprint Technology for over 800 unique plant reference standards. These authenticated samples serve as the standard by which all incoming raw material is judged. Using carefully-controlled extraction techniques, we capture the holistic balance of each herb and the value is passed on to you, the consumer, who can be assured that the product in your hand is authentic, safe, effective, holistically balanced, and of course - Nature's Answer. Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Certified Fiber Sourcing. The true nature of our standards go way beyond the herb. Kava-6 is a holistically balanced fingerprint supplying the critical 6 Kavalactones (Kavalactones: The active ingredients naturally present in authenticated Kava root): Methysticum; Dihydromethysticin; Kavain; Dihydrokavain; Yangonin; Demethoxyyangonin. Full fingerprint intact (Nothing added, Nothing subtracted). Bio-Chelated Cold Extraction Process.