Natures Truth Vitamins MCT Oil, 100% Pure, Unflavored

Dietary Supplement. Medium Chain Triglycerides. Contains caprylic & capric acid. Gluten free, Non-GMO. Our Non-GMO Pledge: Visit our website. Keto formula. No gluten, wheat, yeast, milk, lactose, soy, artificial flavor, artificial sweetener, preservatives. Support your fitness goals, and your healthy lifestyle with Nature's Truth MCT Oil Liquid. MCT Oil is a great source of beneficial essential fatty acids, including Caprylic and Capric Acids. This nutritional oil is derived from coconut and palm. A versatile liquid, MCT Oil is popular among athletes as an alternative to traditional energy and sports drinks. It doesn’t contain any sugary additives, giving any workout a natural edge. Plus, the oil is completely unflavored so it can be added to any drink or used in the kitchen to make salad dressings, sauces, and more. Grab a bottle and reap the benefits of MCT Oil today! 100% satisfaction guarantee quality.