Zone Perfect Butter Coffee Keto Shakes 44 fl oz

Natural flavor with other natural flavor. No artificial flavors or colors. 75% fat, 20% protein, 5% carbs (As a percent of calories). Halal. No gluten. Keto (Designed to support a ketogenic diet. Not for use with a standard diet). No artificial sweeteners. No soy. Caffeine Content: 50 mg/serving. Burn body fat (When used to complement a ketogenic diet designed to burn fat & boost fat metabolism). Made with MCTs. We believe nutrition can change your life! To make it simple, we've gone back to the basic building blocks of nutrition. Macros. Carbs, protein and fat designed to fit your lifestyle. However you choose to reach your nutrition goals, ZonePerfect is here to help you live your best life. The precise keto macro blend to help your body burn fat for fuel! Made with real coconut. Great taste guaranteed or your money back. To learn more about ZonePerfect products, call us at 1-800-666-6830 or visit Please recycle. FSC: Mix - Board. ZonePerfect Keto shakes are designed to support your keto lifestyle with 3g net carbs* and 1g sugars. Our keto shakes help satisfy hunger with 17g fat and 10g protein per serving. They are gluten-free and contain no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. These shakes make a great snack to help keep you on track with your keto lifestyle. Great taste guaranteed! If you’re not 100% satisfied with the taste, we’ll give you your money back. * Net Carbs = Total Carbs − Dietary Fiber − Sugar Alcohols (if present) − Allulose (if present)