Speed Stick Deodorant, Regular 3 oz

Feel clean, masculine and confident with Speed Stick Deodorant for Men, Regular scent. This odor-fighting formula provides 24 hour freshness for maximum confidence. This Speed Stick men’s deodorant includes a comfort guard applicator for comfort and control. This solid stick deodorant for men is aluminum free. The classic scent of Speed Stick Men’s Deodorant, Regular scent, will help you smell fresh and confident all day. Speed Stick Men’s Deodorant is aluminum free and provides all day freshness. With a 24 hour odor fighting formula, this deodorant for men will help you feel great and smell fresh all day. Feel confident to take on the day. The Speed Stick line of men’s deodorants and men’s antiperspirants come in a variety of scents and benefits. These include Zero, Aluminum Free, Irish Spring, Stainguard and Power variants. Speed Stick Irish Spring antiperspirant combines the protection of Speed Stick with the freshness of Irish Spring. Speed Stick Power antiperspirants provide 24 hour odor and wetness protection. Try them today to find the right deodorant and antiperspirant for you. Feel clean, masculine and confident with Speed Stick. Speed Stick deodorants and antiperspirants should only be applied directly underneath the arms. Remove the cap from the product. Turn the dial on the bottom clockwise to raise the deodorant or antiperspirant stick so that it is protruding from the container. Simply rub the deodorant or antiperspirant directly on the armpit and replace the cap.