Febreze Scented Oil Refill, Ocean 0.87 fl oz

Dial your?home’s ambience up a notch or two?and eliminate odors with the luxurious?fragrance?of a Febreze Origins?PLUG with Fade Defy technology.?Unlike any Febreze you’ve smelled before, this pluggable?delivers an edgy-fresh scent for 50 days (on low setting).?Make a statement with the carefully crafted scent of waterlily, ginger, and hinoki in mesmerizing Febreze Ocean. With its digitally controlled?scent?release and a low-level indicator light, you can control how much?fragrance?is released into any room… and always know when it’s time to change your refill. Ideal for any space in your home in need of a scent upgrade: From your living room,?the offices, to your welcoming?foyer, simply plug your Febreze oil warmer in and revel in a distinctly different type of fresh.?Ready for some ahh-inspiring fabrics? Try all three luxe scents?of Febreze Origins Fabric Refresher.