Zum Clean Sink & Surface

Maid by nature. Free of synthetic chemicals. Handmade with pure essential oils. No harsh fumes. Zum Clean 101: No VOCs, no ammonia, no chlorine bleach, no strong acids or chemical solvents. No fumes, so no need for a ventilation mask, nose plugs, etc. Free of synthetic chemicals, so no rubber gloves necessary (unless you're making a fashion statement). So natural you can actually make skin contact. Basically, it's the scrub you can take home to mother nature. Just sprinkle on sinks, showers, tubs or counter surfaces and scrub away with a moist sponge. Hey, it's time to pass on the double-tall glycol ethers and go with the virgin cleaning cocktail that is Zum Clean Sink & Surface Scrub. Scrub the surface of dirty sinks, showers and tubs without toxic cocktails of VOCs, ammonia, bleach or artificial nastiness. And don't forget to toss those rubber gloves - you won't be needing 'em. P.S. Our containers, much like pick-up lines, are 100% recyclable. www.indigowild.com.